Cloths & Wipes

How long will my wipes last?

All SofiesSecret products are printed with MFD (Manufacturing Date) and EXD (Expiration Date). Generally, most products contain a shelf life of 2 years. However, please check on the bottom of your wipe packaging under the Contents box. Other products that are bottled have the MFD/EXD on the bottom of the back sticker.

I left my wipes in a hot car, can I still use them?

If a wipe package is left in your hot car, it can cause the wipes to dry out more quickly if not sealed properly but they will still be safe to use.

Why do multiple wipes come out when I try and pull out only one?

Not all SofiesSecret wipes are Z-Folded or U-Folded due to size restrictions. Therefore, the wipes can stick together and multiple sheets can be pulled out. However, we recommend that you keep the box in its upright position to minimize this effect. Another possibility for the cause of this is during transport, the package may have been positioned sideways, upside down, causing the wipes to stick together.

However, sometimes even the Z-Folded and U-Folded wipes could stick together. If more than one wipe is pulled out, we kindly suggest you insert the extra wipes that have been pulled out back into its encasement for later use.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

If a wipe dries out, can I moisten it again?

SofiesSecret wipes should not dry out if it is closed properly and not exposed to direct sunlight. In case a wipe is not moist enough (for your use) we kindly suggest that you do not moisten the cloths with tap/bottled water or any other solution for your safety and convenience. Our Cloths are made with pharmaceutical-grade purified water with organic extracts, adding other solutions to the mix may cause microbial activity, thus rendering the cloths unusable (such as discoloration, unpleasant odor & mold).

Can I flush SofiesSecret wipes?

Please do not flush any wipes.

They are not flushable.

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