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What can SofiesSecret Pet Wipes be used for?

SofiesSecret pet wipes can be used for your pets fur, coat, skin, face, eye area, around the nose, ears, mouth, teeth and paws.

Not only is it good for your Furry Loved Ones, it’s also good for you.

Is SofiesSecret Pet Shampoo/Wipes safe for my puppy, kitty, or any other young pet?

Absolutely! You can use SofiesSecret Pet Shampoo/Wipes without any concern because we only use natural ingredients that are non-toxic and derived from natural sources.

How many times per day can i use the Shampoo?

As many times as you wish.

Does SofiesSecret Natural Pet Shampoo work well for (a specific pet, i.g hamster)? and is SofiesSecret Natural Pet Shampoo Vegan?

SofiesSecret Pet Shampoo is designed to fit the needs of almost every pet for healthy, shiny and clean skin/fur. The important thing to consider in shampoos for pet’s is the pH balance of the product. A healthy pH balance for pet’s is between 7 through 7.5. Anything lower is too acidic and anything higher is too alkaline; this is when negative side effects begin to occur.  Non-Organic/Natural Pet Shampoos that falsely claim they are organic or natural often have trouble maintaining a balanced pH level which can be trouble for your pet.

In addition, SofiesSecret Natural Pet Shampoo is 100% Cruelty Free & Vegan and contain no animal based derivatives.

How many baths can I get out of 1 bottle of Pet Shampoo?

Depending on the amount used, and the size of your pet the amount of washes obtained from 1 bottle may vary drastically.

Don’t let the small bottle of pet shampoo fool you, our pet shampoo is high quality concentrated only a small amount is needed.

For example, our dog is 85 pounds and is a considered a large size dog (24inches tall and 35.5inches long) We use SofiesSecret pet shampoo on a regular basis (he gets a bath every 2 weeks). From 1 Bottle of Pet Shampoo (8.5fl. oz.) it lasts us about 9 – 12 washes while using generous amounts of shampoo.

What happens if Pet Shampoo gets in my pets eyes?

SofiesSecret Natural Pet Shampoo is 100% Tear Free and Non-Toxic. If foam gets into the eyes (ears, nose, etc.) while lathering your pet with the shampoo, simply rinse it off. However, you may use the shampoo to gently clean your pet’s eyes, ears, nose etc. without causing any discomfort for your pet.

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